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Environ® is a pharmaceutical grade skin care system that uses vitamin A as the cornerstone ingredient to achieve beautiful skin. Founder, Dr. Des Fernandes is one of the top 5 plastic surgeons in the world who was the first to successfully use vitamin A and antioxidants in cosmetic products. Through extensive research Dr. Des Fernandez discovered that everyone suffers from a deficiency of vitamin A in their skin and correcting it restores, protects, and maintains the appearance of healthy skin. Unlike other brands, Dr. Des recognized that some forms of vitamin A can also cause unwanted side effects that make compliance difficult. Environ skin care products use a non-irritating form of vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) in a set up system that slowly increases the strength over time. Environ products are intended for use on all skin types, people of all ages and genders. These products have received over 100+ international awards and are favored by the medical community, aestheticians, beauty editors, and film stars.



AnteAge Worcester, MA

AnteAGE® uses adult bone marrow stem cells, which are the most highly intelligent of all stem cells. They are able to self-replicate and heal wounds, fight inflammation, and repair dying skin cells resulting in a remarkable reduction in sagging, redness, and spots. This is what makes AnteAGE® one of the most optimized skincare systems on the market.

While you can use the AnteAGE® products separately with great results, the Serum and Accelerator were designed to work synergistically. When used together, you'll experience rapid tissue repair, quenched inflammation, and restorative cell turnover. The AnteAGE® System is one of the most fantastic, effective, and advanced modalities in skin regeneration. Daily use preserves skin health and promotes a youthful glow.

AnteAGE® Serum restores your skin's ability to heal. This elegant formula quickly absorbs into your skin and contains physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™, potent peptides, and protective antioxidants. Utilizing nanotechnology, this symphony of ingredients acts in concert to deliver powerful results at the cellular level.

Initiates a pro-healing and anti-inflammatory response

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Reduction in skin redness and sensitivity

Protects from environmental assault

pH 6.0


AnteAge Serum Worcester, MA

AnteAGE® Accelerator is a performance-driven treatment rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives. Stem Cytokines™, vitamins, and targeted antioxidants work to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while two research-backed molecules (a defensin peptide and retinoid-like compound) enhance the pro-healing, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory potential of the AnteAGE® System.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Supports a healthy skin defense system, barrier integrity, and microbiome.

Reduces the appearance of large pores and balances moisture levels.

Gently increases skin renewal at the cellular level.

Defends skin against environmental free radical damage.

Maximizes the rejuvenating effect of AnteAGE Serum.

pH 6.0

Colorscience Worcester, MA

Colorescience was originally developed for vulnerable post-procedure skin but has now become the fastest growing professional skincare brand in the US. Backed by The Skin Cancer Foundation, Colorescience is well known for its innovation in sun protection. They believe in preventing skin damage before it starts with their patented EnviroScreen® Technolog which provides chemical-free, mineral protection from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB, HEV/blue light, infrared radiation and environmental pollution in an aesthetically elegant format. These sunscreen formulations contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide actives encapsulated by a patented coating technology and iron oxides, which are blended with a proprietary combination of ingredients including vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating molecules. Together with the patented coated actives, this blend of ingredients is designed to nourish skin, help protect against free radicals, and aid in the protection from environmental factors of UVA/UVB, air pollution, blue light and infrared radiation that contribute to skin damage. EnviroScreen® Technology provides broad spectrum SPF50/PA+++ and PA++++ protection, thereby helping to prevent photoaging by protecting against UV damage and restoring previously damaged skin with rejuvenating active ingredients.  It's not surprising that many of their products have been voted number one by top beauty bloggers, dermatologists, and skincare professionals.  They have won awards in InStyle, New Beauty, Oprah Magazine, and The Beauty Authority, to name just a few.

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Mizzi Cosmetics

Mizzi Cosmetics is a women owned and operated company that is dedicated to the creation of safe, natural, and science-driven products. They are most well known for their lip balms and scrubs that are sold in stores and boutiques such as Neiman Marcus as well as spas around the globe. People have fallen in love with their lip care products because of their powerful hydration and beautiful shimmer that they provide. It is not surprising that Mizzi Cosmetics launched a prescription (Rx) line which is exclusively sold to the aesthetics industry. After cosmetic procedures patients are advised not to apply their regular products to their skin out of concern for infection and irritation. With the addition of Mizzi’s post procedure line, practitioners can safely send their patients home with hydration products to calm irritated skin and help it heal. We have found that patients fall in love with the Rx products and ask if they can use them every day. You will be happy to know the answer is YES! To see Mizzi Cosmetics products, click the link below.

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